Halberg Kapital is the private equity unit of family-owned Harald Halberg Holding in Svendborg, Denmark. Halberg Kapital was established in 2008 to invest in small cap Danish companies and ensure the Halberg group of companies' position as an independent and significant Danish employer.

The Halberg family is best known for its ownership of Mac Baren Tobacco Company, one of the World’s leading producers of quality pipe tobacco. However, the group also owns real estate and hotels. Mac Baren Tobacco Company was founded in 1826 as Svend Bønnelyckes Tobaksfabrik. The Halberg family acquired the company in 1887. Today, the fourth generation of Halbergs is managing the company while the fifth generation is being groomed for an active role as board members.

Although Mac Baren Tobacco Company has been leading the global consolidation of the pipe tobacco business, the total industry volume is steadily declining. Halberg Kapital was founded to acquire stakes in companies that can complement the revenues from the pipe tobacco business. Halberg Kapital invests in companies with the following characteristics:

  • Revenues of DKK 100 – 250 million
  • Number of employees: 50 and upwards
  • Main activities within manufacturing, trading or services. No technology, biotech or pharmaceutical companies
  • Headquartered in Denmark
  • Established and cash flow positive - no startup financing
  • A desire to expand and raise capital from a new co-owner
  • Existing management that is committed to stay on board and manage the company in close cooperation with Halberg Kapital

Halberg Kapital typically takes an ownership stake of 25-100 %. The capital is generally allocated to the company rather than paid to existing shareholders.

Halberg Kapital differentiates itself from other private equity investors by being a true long term investor. No exit-plan is prepared during an acquisition – ideally Halberg Kapital will remain a shareholder in 10, 20 or maybe 50 years earning a strong and steadily increasing stream of income.